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How Much Sugar?

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Become a member now and you will receive the (constantly updated) Australian Shopper's Guide, complete product sugar guides, lots of fabulous recipes, up to date articles and research throughout the year and the ability to join the forum and communicate with other people just like yourself wanting to live a healthier life. 

You can join for 12 months or two years.  

  • The 12 month membership will automatically renew unless you tell me you don't wish to and it will cost you $32.95.  You will need a paypal account to do this, but one will be created as part of the sign on process.
  • The 2 Year membership will not automatically renew and you don't need a paypal account to sign up.  It costs $49.95.

SPECIAL - At the moment, I'm also running a special where you can get a one year subscription for just $22 if you also purchase a copy of the Sweet Poison Quit Plan.  To find out more about that cruise on over to the Sweet Poison website.

Anyway that's enough blather - onwards to the application form.

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