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How Much Sugar?

Toxic Oil

It might seem like a strange thing to find on a page about sugar but I've also written extensively on the danger posed by man-made vegetable oils.  The books covering this are Big Fat Lies and Toxic Oil and they are available from the Resource Store.

Big Fat Lies 

In Big Fat Lies David explodes the myths about diet, exercise and vitamin supplements, examining the latest scientific evidence and exposing the role the multibillion-dollar food, health and diet industries have played in promoting the health messages we follow or feel guilty about not following.

Toxic Oil 

'Vegetable’ oil makes you exceedingly vulnerable to cancer. Every extra mouthful of vegetable oil you consume takes you one step closer to a deadly (and irreversible) outcome.”With these words David Gillespie begins Toxic Oil, his follow-up to the bestseller Big Fat Lies: How the diet industry is making you sick, fat & poor.

Tools to help with Oils (Members Only)

Good Oils at a Glance

I’m frequently asked whether a given oil or fat is good or bad. Based on the criteria I use in Toxic Oil, I have created this handy little ready reckoner for fast label reading.

Smoke Points

Not sure whether you can use Olive Oil for frying or coconut oil in the oven.  This quick guide to smoke points should have you cooking with the good fats in no time flat.

What Oil is that?

Food manufacturers rarely say more than that a product contains vegetable oil on the label. This quick calculator tells you from the information they do give, whether it is likely to be a seed oil or something far better for you (like Coconut Oil or Palm Oil)
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